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QC 3.0 Technology

Time:2018/4/2Posted:Guang Zhou Hong Shuo Electronic Co.,Ltd

About QC 3.0  Introduction:

QC 3.0 is replaced by the fixed Voltage management mechanism "INOV" (the best Voltage Intelligent Negotiation, Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage), allowing the input Voltage from 3.6 V, 0.2 V (200 mv) as the unit, combining real-time temperature, conversion efficiency and power factors, such as fine-tuning, and allow the input Voltage range (9 V or 12 V) increase or decrease step by step in, rather than QC2.0 only in 9 V / 5 V / 12 V "not one or two" violence of choice.

 The QC 3.0 Charger allows the voltage increment of 200mV to be terminated instead of the 5V/9V/12V of QC 2.0, and it is compatible with QC 2.0

QC3.0 main advantage is that can optimize efficiency of mobile phone within DC, eliminate inherent in QC2.0 when phone fever caused by voltage switch, QC 3.0 cell phone by removing the DC, DC converter can also simplify the electrical architecture of wireless charging

Under the help of the "INOV" management mechanism, QC3.0 can significantly reduce the loss of DC/DC switching circuits, thus effectively relieving the heat problems of the fast filling.According to qualcomm, QC3.0 than QC2.0 efficiency 38%, charging speed increases by 27%, and 45% lower fever, about 35 minutes to a typical cell phone battery charge to 80% from zero, but the actual rate of speed is still mainly depends on the maximum supported recharge my cell phone battery charger and power.

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